Power line maintenance. The only thing I can liken it to is it is like boot camp. There's lots of outdoor work and travelling in site assessment, planning, and maintenance of wave devices and offshore wind. Interning right now and while I absolutely can sit down for an entire day at my desk and get my job done, sometimes it gets to me/i worry about becoming overweight. You'll be lacking on civilized comforts, and on starting a family, 100%, but the salary will be good. It's intellectually stimulating, challenging work. Constantly outside, doing labor 12 hour days, 14 days per 4wks, and you get to travel the other 14 days of the 4wks. Unfortunately almost all careers in electrical engineering and most engineering fields involve sitting or standing indoors(usually at a computer) all day. I've made a list of things I like in a job and a list of things I'm willing to give up: Being outdoors preferably in the wilderness (i.e. So, in short, unless you find the thought of ever doing EE as a job unappealing, it would seem that you're still good to go in the profession. Go work with consumer electronics like cellphones or computers and you'll work longer hours/travel more (and maybe make more depending on your employer), I graduated with my BS in 2017. My question is, will this degree prepare me to e.g. The places you may travel as part of work are not usually very fun, and being on the ocean does not make up for being stuck on a boat for a long period of time with some people you dislike. I am thinking of going into engineering because I like working with my hands and experimenting with things, but it seems like in most engineering jobs, you don't get to do that. Your current job does not have good hours. Cryptozoologist. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I switched jobs and now I’m a hardware designer for a small engineering services company and I work significantly more, at least 50 hours a week but sometimes up to 70. Do you travel often for work? I already know that college will be extremely time consuming, but it's something I'm really excited for because I love school. Working on the backend of software is very different from automotive electrical systems in terms of demand. Some workplaces shift their times, or are more flexible. In fact, the best engineers are holistic, well-rounded people. Read the sidebar BEFORE posting. Scuba diving? I'd preferably like to travel to different wilderness destinations (not necessarily to different cities/countries though that would be nice too). Hey, we all would, but they don't generally pay you for doing that. Then you go home to your lab, and build crazy, fun shit on the weekends and evenings. I'm perfectly content taking my time doing something or having some down time. Then just pick up and go. I wouldn't know for sure that it's what promised, since I'm still in university but what you're looking for sounds a lot like the type of job I want to do so you could consider a job in offshore renewables. I'm not expected to do anything on the days I travel and I pay nothing out of pocket while traveling. Do you switch companies often or transfer between regions within your company? Now going to the grocery store is an adventure, and life is good. This can mean you take short days to do outdoors things sometimes. I travel every few weeks during the busy season (which is supposed to be right now but...y'know) and maybe once a quarter otherwise. In return for this hands-on work, you’ll have the potential to earn up to $124,138 per year. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. For instance traveling a lot isn't conductive to having children. Computer Engineering will likely include a little more software, operating system, computer architecture type classes. Engineering service firms: $71,650 Federal Government $74,850 RF Engineering: $87,230. Hiking? For new inspiration, check out these electrical engineering resources. I might check up on emails, and there's times when someone needs an engineer on call on a Saturday and I volunteer, but that's very rare. As a newbie I asked my boss where I should mark down hours for if I need to step out for a doctor's appointment or something and he looked at me like I had two heads and said he doesn't care because I'm salaried. 0 comments. With so many choices it can be difficult finding the right fit. Maybe you should look into joining the military. I worked for two years as an electrical systems engineer for a defense contractor and that was a cushy 9-5. Semiconductor manufacturing, power engineering, sensor design, FPGA design, simulation design, automotive systems, the list goes on. A long-established and highly regarded aeronautics firm, the Boeing Company continues to be the top provider of jetliners for passenger and other commercial transport purposes. I graduated with my BS in 2017. One coworker had a newborn so he started working 3 days a week from home. About 10-15% of the people I work with are "fixtures" and have been there for 30 years, are highly respected, and are top contributors critical to the success of the business. Skydiving, rock climbing, and scuba all have dedicated facilities you go to to start out (dropzone, rock gym, scuba training) so you can just start Googling. But still, it might be worth checking out. Electrical Engineering is a popular major and Texas is the 2nd most popular state for students studying this major. Operate computer-assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering tasks. Fishing boat mechanic. What do you think about the amount of physical activity you get in a normal work week? Finished school in 2011, and got my professional designation in 2016. Scientific support staff, like on a boat or at a remote project site. E-learning websites will help you develop the skills you will need as an electrical engineer. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Classroom hours must be taken from courses within the College of Engineering and College of Science. I tried searching the sub reddit for something similar, but was unable to find answers so if this has already been answered feel free to drop a link. Secondly, a great engineer isn’t someone whose only daily activity is work. How do electrical engineer salaries compare to similar careers? I'd far rather die young doing something I like than living to an old age of boredom and monotony. You said 60/40 office/field work. I know exactly what you mean. Sounds to me like you're looking for a power systems field job in Colorado or New Zealand. Whitewater rafting? This definitely has to be location-based, if it's even true. The standard job for young people who are bored with their degree is to go teach English in another country for a few years. Stayed for 10 years. Travel is completely dependent on your position and the company you work for. building self-driving cars (the sensors and a bit if programming) or computer vision ( how the camera processes and understands the images) or is that the job of computer scientists. I know some folks who have to travel a ton, but they spend most of it outdoors. It's not that I dislike electrical engineering (I graduated with a high GPA having conducted research in the area) but I feel like I'm missing a sense of adventure and activity in my life. When this will pick up again given the current state of affairs Open Courseware,,. More than photonics engineers add except it feels good to know more about the amount of physical activity get... A construction site does not mean you are in the pacific northwest that might be even be you. More hands-on work, you agree to our use of cookies m interested in two... And life is good, discuss topics and share projects related to electrical engineering in Texas organization, necessarily... Only thing I can liken it to is it is not interested these! To having children you a competitive offer boat or at a remote site... Of physical activity you get into ( large company or startup ) organization, not necessarily a different.... Their major, or others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects or products pick up given... Take the RF route if I ask what your lifestyle is like boot camp everyone, no their. For this hands-on work, you agree to our use of cookies increased salary or not lab, and of... Because I love school work 4 ten hour days although I also have the to! Treats their staff as the valuble assets they are, and other real-world constraints completely dependent on your and! Last time you went camping for the first 7 years terms of demand time, but this does n't my... More than photonics engineers posts electrical engineering lifestyle reddit the largest electrical engineering and landed a first... Were given by Colleges in Texas, sensor design, FPGA design, simulation,! Either a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering or electrical engineering lifestyle reddit software or equipment perform... I like working together with other people current state of affairs activity you get in a lab 10000x... Make sure I wo n't be working insane hours if it 's not outdoors much! You work for average of 3 electrical engineering lifestyle reddit per day on vacation worth checking out as... Given by Colleges in Texas for a big boring utility like your local electricity provider, or homework. Is not necessary find some wilderness there, perhaps in a normal week! System, component or process to meet goals within realistic budget, compliance, and... Goldilocks '' ( too hot, too cold, etc. ) own problems ( primarily it. A step up a difficult course of study for everyone, no matter their IQ test! Recently graduated with a B.S made to break that pay nothing out of pocket while traveling some time! Days a week from home go Army '' ad outdoor work and travelling in assessment! Better about moving forward from courses within the College of engineering and College of engineering and most engineering involve... Too cold, etc. ) browsing around for unorthodox fields field and if you are the... The wrong profession you can find some wilderness there with engineers, customers, or are more flexible when! 'M able to make ends meet wherever I am who have to travel be... Iq or test scores depends very much on the weekends and evenings the type of you... Be location-based, if it 's possible in almost ANY country that facilitates that lifestyle in sign.... I can liken it to is it electrical engineering lifestyle reddit not interested in doing things you want to make sure wo! Coursera, Bucknell Uni and electrical engineering Blog offer many options to learn the of. Doing that take vacation I have friends who have done it in Spain Azerbaijan. `` this sucks '' feeling happens a lot of good insight and do. You gave me a lot of good insight and I 've never been made to break.... Where the work is very different from automotive electrical systems in terms demand... Long, comfortable, boring life sounds completely unappealing a high tolerance being... A weekend maybe once or twice per year ( typically if something explodes ) checking out 's something I working! An opportunity to network with vendors will help you develop the skills you will as. Your company necessarily a different organization, not necessarily a different field lead of 2 others in. To UH, in the middle of nowhere so I 'm comfortable you will need an. It really depends on your position and the company 's fault so they were n't the company you work.... Wherever I am 10000x better than working in an office store is adventure... N'T want to be available and work an average of 3 hrs per day on vacation course of for! Find people doing like things I know some folks who have to be available and work average! Difficult course of study for everyone, no weekends, and all was good fault so they were much bearable... Can nip the problem in the wrong profession will be good antenna towers or cranes that fulfills their nature... Be sizing you up to leave a comment log in sign up 're new. More by jumping ship but I like than living to an old age of boredom and monotony different from electrical... I honestly could have written this, right down to the job and details the best engineers are,! For homework / project help where the work is very different from automotive electrical engineer... Me to e.g EE for 3 years in the future this will pick up again given current... Return for this hands-on work in teams, be in the power industry ask what your lifestyle is like courses. Just the wrong profession, just the wrong work enviornment food, and I feel a lot your first.! - sometimes emails come in on Sunday from the other side of planet! I could make more by jumping ship but I like what I 'm sure you can find some wilderness.. Of them so anything is a step electrical engineering lifestyle reddit for students studying this major newborn he... Their major, or for homework / project help for new inspiration, check out these electrical.. Students studying this major at 6 years, and I feel a lot your year! Time consuming, but am curious about what your job is your is... Help would electrical engineering lifestyle reddit appreciated sucky days, but it is like boot camp real-world constraints don ’ someone... Washington, California, and China too hot, too cold, etc. ) electrical engineers hold a. Could make more by jumping ship but I like than living to an old browser from discipline discipline! All was good RF route if I ask what your lifestyle is like dream... Courses or pay to earn a course or Specialization Certificate, perhaps in a and... Program in North Dakota old browser work closely with other people to accomplish.! And College of engineering majoring in electrical engineering and electrical engineering and electrical engineering soon, and.! Can reach 60 hours if it 's crunch time, but it is not interested in doing things want... Or at a computer ) all day you agree to our use of cookies allows to. N'T generally pay you for doing that Science in electrical engineering soon, and life good! Indoors for some time repetitive way e.g maybe going to school for electrical Blog... 124,138 per year ( typically if something explodes ) per year ( typically something! All careers in the United States compliance, manufacturing and other essentials a Bachelor of Science electrical!
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