Protein (Amino Acids) The amino acids in protein help to rebuild the damaged tissue. But vanilla extract also comes with a slew of health benefits, including its ability to fight bacterial infections, reduce inflammation, boost your mental health, reduce fevers and improve cholesterol levels. It can be used to boost your mood, relieve respiratory conditions like sore throat and bronchitis, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and fight cancer cells. (45), Holy basil is an adaptogen herb that can be used to relieve or ease conditions like anxiety, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and acne. Calendula also contains antimicrobial and antiviral properties, and research shows that it can be used to relieve irritations from cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. It can be used to help fight cancer, improve insulin function, improve cholesterol levels, prevent candida, treat dandruff, improve skin infections and support wound healing. Here are some suggestions. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and people taking conventional medications should also speak to their health care providers before supplementing with spices and herbs. Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale are well known for their impressive health benefits. Research also suggests that skullcap, which is available in many forms, can help to fight cancer cells because of its ability to neutralize free radicals. (70), Passion flower is a plant that is used in tea, extract, infusion and tincture forms to relieve menopause symptoms like hot flashes and depression, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and improve ADHD symptoms. Cooking with cumin seeds can aid your digestion, boost your immune system, promote the health of your skin, relieve respiratory conditions, promote detoxification, combat oxidative stress, fight infections and prevent diabetes. Plus, just 3 ounces (85 grams) of wild-caught salmon delivers over 70% of your daily needs for selenium, a mineral that regulates inflammation and immune response (11). Dill weed also has anticonvulsant properties, so it is used to treat epilepsy as well. Deficiencies in zinc and vitamins B12 and A may likewise hamper recovery. Cruciferous veggies contain glucosinolates, which are compounds that your body converts into isothiocyanates. (24), Chives, or Allium schoenoprasum, is a perennial plant that is closely related to scallions and leeks. It can also ease anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve your ability to deal with stress and ease menstrual cramps. These 101 herbs and spices boast an array of health benefits that are right at your fingertips. Getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking and alcohol promote optimal healing as well. (56), Maca root is considered a superfood because of its ability to make people feel more “alive.” It works to balance hormones naturally, increase fertility in both men and women, improve stamina, boost sexual function and boost energy levels. Learn more about kelp, ginger, probiotics, and other superfoods that can potentially ease your symptoms and improve your health. Triphala can also be taken as a tea, tablet and liquid supplement. Echinacea is known for its ability to boost your immune system and reduce your chances of catching the common cold. (88), Stinging nettle is a plant that’s native to Europe and Asia. When shopping for supplements, choose a good quality product that’s made by a company that you trust. (11), The roots and rhizomes of black cohosh, a flowering plant native to North America, are used to treat or relieve a number of hormonal issues, including menopause symptoms like hot flashes, trouble sleeping and bone loss. Glutamine provides cellular protection during times of stress, such as illness and injury, while arginine assists collagen production and wound healing (23). (94), Valerian root comes from a plant that’s native in Europe and parts of Asia. (37), Fingerroot is an herb that’s native to China and Southeast Asia. Although it’s uncommon, excessive ingestion of nutmeg can cause life-threatening toxicity. If you are thinking about using an herbal medicine, first get … Oil of oregano is extracted from the herb to make a powerful antibiotic agent that can kill many species of harmful bacteria. Turmeric supplements can be taken in place of antidepressants, anticoagulants, arthritis medications, skin condition treatments, anti-inflammatory medications and cholesterol regulators. If you often feel like you could use a quick boost in ... Ashitaba: A Traditional Leafy Green with an Impressive Nutrition Profile, Healthy Salt Substitute Alternatives vs. (49), Hyssop is a healing plant that is commonly used to relieve digestive issues, improve appetite, fight infections, improve circulation, promote skin health and support the health of your liver and gallbladder. Use vitex to relieve PMS symptoms, reduce uterine fibroids, improve female fertility, treat endometriosis, reduce menopause symptoms, remedy amenorrhea, treat an enlarged prostate and promote lactation in women who are breastfeeding. Some foods and herbs contain anti-3CL substances. Yarrow can also be used to make infused vinegars and oils. Kudzu root can be used to treat alcoholism when used in appropriate doses, improve diabetes and cardiovascular health, ease digestive issues like diarrhea, and improve menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Maca root powder contains over 20 amino acids and 20 free-form fatty acids, allowing for its status as a superfood. Garlic is a nutrient-rich addition to any diet. (89), Tarragon is an herb that’s in the sunflower family and has a flavor similar to anise. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Most medicinal herbs used in the chinese medicated diet are quite … (93), Turmeric is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet and its benefits often rival those of conventional medications. I spent months researching the healing powers of food before I fully grasped my own natural cancer-fighting potential. The antioxidants found in astragalus root help you to combat disease and aging due to free radical damage. The root contains health-promoting antioxidants including quercetin, luteolin and phenolic acids. (77), Rhodiola, which is also known as golden root, is an adaptogen herb that can help your body to adapt to physical, chemical and environmental stress. It’s an effective antioxidant that can be used to prevent diseases caused by free radical damage. It can also help with the management of diabetes, fight parasites, improve blood circulation, improve symptoms of epilepsy and help with certain neurological diseases. It’s known for its ability to relieve digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea, and it can also be used to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, boost the health of your heart and help with weight management because it encourages a feeling of satiety. Feeding your body certain foods, such as citrus, turmeric, and ginger, may help keep your immune system strong. Vitamin A; Vitamin … The plant’s roots are ground and used to make teas, tinctures and supplements that help to relieve respiratory conditions, treat skin problems like psoriasis, reduce pain caused by inflammation, improve libido, ease headache pain, aid digestion, reduce fevers and fight infections. Mugwort is also helpful in treating in treating mild depression and attacking certain cancer cells. You need to understand the power of fruits and herbs to heal before you use my protocol. Pine bark extract can be used to lower blood sugar levels, fight infections, help prevent hearing loss, improve erectile dysfunction, reduce inflammation, boost athletic performance and protect your skin from ultraviolet exposure. ... canola, or flaxseed oils), garlic, herbs, and spices. These foods provide plant-based protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals that support healing. (39), Garam masala is an Indian spice blend that commonly contains cinnamon, cardamom, black peppercorns, nutmeg, cumin, ginger, fennel, coriander and bay leaves. Peppercorns exhibit anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and antibacterial properties. (10), Berberine is a natural alkaloid that’s found in a variety of traditional herbs, including barberry, goldenseal and turmeric. Research shows that galangal also acts as a potentially revolutionary cancer-fighting agent, as it can has proven to effectively fight and prevent a broad number of cancers and tumors. (82), Sassafras is a tree that grows widely in North America and the compounds found in the bark have medicinal value. Trying to relieve or prevent a health condition, but you don’t want to turn to conventional medications? At Upendo foods and herbs; we have initiated the 4 steps to working safely as recommended by the US Government. For instance, berries provide ample vitamin C, which promotes wound healing by stimulating the production of collagen — the most abundant protein in your body (13). These natural foods possess a number of beneficial properties and work to reduce inflammation, improve the health of your heart, boost your immune system, and even prevent and fight cancer. (86), Sorrel is an herb that is used to add a tangy flavor to foods, but it also boasts health benefits because of its nutrient content and antioxidants, and its antimicrobial, cancer-preventing and immune-boosting properties. (101), Related: Gymnema Sylvestre: An Ayurvedic Herb That Helps Fight Diabetes, Obesity & More. (59), Milk thistle is a weed that has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years. Recent research indicates that these supplements don’t increase bleeding risk, but some surgeons advise against fish oil anyway (12). Organ meats are some of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Most herbs have not been completely tested to see how well they work or to see if they interact with other herbs, supplements, medicines, or foods… The leaves can be found in tablet, capsule and liquid extract forms. Poultry, including chicken and turkey, pack glutamine and arginine, two amino acids that may aid recovery and healing (22). (38), Galangal is part of the ginger family, and it’s often used in Thai food. Borage oil contains high amounts of GLA, a type of omega-6 fatty acid that is helpful for treating a wide range of health issues, like PMS symptoms, ADHD, bone loss, hormone imbalances, respiratory conditions, heart disease and stroke. (7), Barberry is a berberine-containing plant that is used to fight infections due to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoal properties. Rhodiola extract can be used to increase energy levels and boost athletic performance, lower cortisol levels that spike in times of stress, fight depression, improve brain function and burn belly fat. The bush produces dark purple, nutrient-dense berries that are loaded with vitamin C. These berries are rich in anthocyanins, which possess many health-promoting properties, including the ability to prevent obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Although oregano contains the vitamins and nutrients required by the immune system, its primary benefits are due to its carvacrol and rosmarinic acid content. Rosemary can be chopped or ground and added to meals, or rosemary oil can be be diffused and applied topically. Cinnamon health benefits come from its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-diabetic, immune-boosting, heart-protecting and cancer-fighting properties. It also works as a diuretic, increasing urine flow and promoting detoxification. These foods provide plant-based … The Top 14 Foods and Supplements for Sports Injuries, 9 Ways to Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses, Foods with Healing Power: The Benefits of Garlic, 12 Beneficial Fruits to Eat During and After Cancer Treatment, 8 Herbs, Spices, and Sweeteners That Combine to Activate Your Immune System, 6 Mushrooms That Act as Turbo-Shots for Your Immune System, 10 Foods This Nutritionist Eats That Support a Healthy Gut. You can add powdered asafoetida to soups and stews, or purchase it as a supplement in tincture or capsule form. The first food is actually a group of foods called cruciferous vegetables, … Burdock root is also used to combat cancer and improve arthritis. Meat and eggs … Healing foods are viewed as equal to medicine, performing the same function in nourishing and healing the body and preventing illness. When consumed even in small amounts, sage can improve your memory and concentration, fight free radicals, prevent degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, reduce inflammation, prevent or improve diabetes, boost your immune system, improve the health of your skin and strengthen your bones. It’s useful for relieving motion sickness and aiding digestion as well. It is often taken as an extract or supplement to relieve digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, IBS, gas and bloating. There are also some more obscure herbs and spices that can be found in tea, extract, capsule and tablet forms to relieve specific conditions, from infertility and menopause symptoms, to diabetes, liver disease and cognitive decline. Boldo is known to relieve gastrointestinal issues, bladder infections, gallstones and liver disease. Choose organic options whenever possible and read the ingredient label and dose recommendations carefully. A few simple changes to your habits can go a long way in boosting your immune health. (34), Fennel is a perennial herb that’s native to the Mediterranean and often used to support digestion. (53), Lemon balm is a plant in the mint family that possesses antibacterial, antidiabetic, anti-stress, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. (48), The root of the horseradish plant can be used to fight disease because of its antioxidant power. Hydration is also important for every aspect of healing and recovery, especially proper wound care. (41), Ginkgo biloba is a natural extract that’s derived from the Chinese ginkgo tree. Plantain. When it’s used in small amounts when cooking or baking, nutmeg can help to aid digestion, ease pain, promote detoxification, boost cognitive function and regulating blood pressure levels. These foods and herbs may protect the cell’s ability to protect itself against the coronavirus by destroying the 3CL enzyme. The food items that can help cure your wounds faster include: Turmeric. You can also incorporate chopped leaves of stevia into salads to prepare a n… Nuts and seeds like almonds, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds are a great choice for fueling your body during the recovery process. It also contains enzymes, laxative … This herb commonly used in traditional Asian cuisines is loaded with antioxidants helps to repair skin conditions like psoriasis, reduce fever, improve blood circulation, reduces inflammation, eases depression and anxiety, and fights free radicals that can cause gastric ulcers. Eating mint, drinking mint tea or using mint extracts can help to aid digestion, relieve headache pain, ease nausea, improve signs of depression and relieve respiratory conditions like chronic cough or asthma. Basil contains essential oils that are rich in antioxidants and are responsible for the many benefits of basil. The flower of this perennial herb has been used for centuries to treat all sorts of health conditions ranging from toothache to blood disorders. It can be used to ease digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, IBS and bloating, lower stress and anxiety levels, aid weight loss, improve skin conditions like psoriasis and prevent breast cancer. (47), Horney goat weed works as a natural aphrodisiac because of its ability to increase testosterone production and estrogen levels. Salmon, nuts, cruciferous veggies, and several other foods may help optimize recovery. 30 Gluten-Free Recipes (26), Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree. Keep in mind, the below foods are only a portion of the foods I list in Thyroid Healing. It’s commonly used to relieve arthritis pain because of its ability to reduce inflammation and ease pain. What’s more, arginine is rapidly depleted during times of stress, injury, and illness, making adequate intake of this amino acid all the more important (23). Brussels sprouts are an ultimate liver cleansing food. Studies indicate that sassafras may be an effective treatment for certain cancers, like liver, gastric, oral, breast, prostate and lung cancer. Goldenseal can help to ease digestive issues, like diarrhea, constipation, peptic ulcers and gassiness, boost your immune system, support the health of your mouth and eyes, fight cancer and boost your heart health. Here are 10…. Use boswellia extract to improve your immunity, reduce arthritis pain, speed up healing and prevent autoimmune disease. Aside from its ability to color food naturally, annatto also contains antimicrobial properties and antioxidants, making it useful for killing bacteria, aiding wound healing, supporting your cardiovascular and eye health, and protecting your liver. By using healing herbs and spices, people can thrive and focus on their overall conditions, rather than on a particular ailment that typically arises from a lack of equilibrium of the mind, body and environment. It can be used in extract form or in capsules to improve cardiovascular health, reduce menopausal symptoms, help you to maintain strong bones, reduce skin inflammation that causes conditions like eczema and psoriasis, fight respiratory conditions and lower your risk of certain cancers, such as prostate, endometrial and breast cancer. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Vitamin A, which is essential for proper immune cell response, helps inhibit inflammatory cells and is critical for skin health and wound healing (26). You can use shilajit powder, resin or supplements to reduce inflammation, fight infections, boost energy levels, regulate hormones, strengthen your immune system, support your skeletal health, boost the health of your heart and brain, aid in breaking addictions and help in managing diabetes. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are all powerful healing foods for your liver. We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment upon restarting work. (65), Nutmeg is a spice that comes from the seeds of an evergreen tree. Some herbs can interact with prescription or over-the-counter medicines. Vervain has cardioprotective, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, sedative and anti-anxiety properties. Tulsi can also be used to improve bad breath, prevent cavities, ease headache pain and balance hormones naturally. The stigmas, or threads, can be used in cooking or ground saffron is available. (17), Burdock is a biennial plant in the daisy family. Comfrey should only be used topically for up to 10 consecutive days. Oregano. The active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin. The compounds found in cinnamon and extracted to make cinnamon oil make this one of the most beneficial spices on earth. 3. Choose bitter greens, such as mustard greens, collard greens, broccoli, arugula, spinach and kale. Including these anti-inflammatory foods in your diet is a great strategy for … (71), Peppercorns come from black pepper vines and they are dried and used as a spice. Here are the 12 best fruits to eat during and after cancer…, Bitters boost your health through a single dropper. It also contains enzymes, laxative compounds, anti-inflammatory fatty acids, and wound healing hormones. It has the power to fight a number of health concerns, including bad breath, inflammation, kidney stones, digestive issues, skin problems, poor immunity, bladder infection and oxidative stress. Chives also have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and they work as a natural bug repellant. Specific amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, play important roles in wound healing and immune function. (78), Rosemary is an aromatic herb that’s part of the mint family. It also boosts the immune system, relieves headache and migraine pain, eases respiratory tract infections and may even play a role in cancer prevention. Rosemary also possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-stress and healing properties. Horehound also has antiseptic, analgesic, antioxidant and appetite stimulating properties. It can also increase urine flow, stimulate your appetite, ease menstrual discomfort, increase sex drive and increase milk production in women who are breastfeeding. (16), Bupleurum is a plant that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote detoxification for over 2,000 years. It stimulates the beta cells … (87), St. John’s wort is an herb that’s most commonly used as a natural remedy for depression, anxiety and insomnia. This article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial staff. (25), Related: Healthy Salt Substitute Alternatives vs. Last medically reviewed on August 12, 2020, When it comes to sports, injuries are an unfortunate part of the game. That equals 105–135 grams for a 150-pound (68-kg) person (7). (5), Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that can lower cortisol levels and balance your thyroid hormones. It possesses powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities, helps to speed healing, relaxes muscle spasms and improves oral health. It can be found in dried root, liquid, tea, capsule and dried root powder forms. Some other horseradish root benefits include its ability to ease respiratory issues, treat urinary tract infections, aid digestion, ease pain and possible prevent cancer. are clickable links to these studies. Cayenne can be used to support digestion, prevent blood clots, relieve migraine, nerve and joint pain, promote detoxification, improve allergy symptoms and support weight loss. (20), Cat’s claw is a wood vine that grows in the Amazon rainforest. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which help to boost your immune system and fight infections. Curcumin, an antioxidant present in turmeric, helps in lowering inflammation and speeding up the healing … Rest is essential when recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. (55), Licorice root is an adaptogen herb that’s a member of the legume family. Using herbs and spices for healing — including developing your own seasoning blends — can help to treat a number of health conditions. Consuming ground cardamom can help to fight bad breath and the formation of cavities, lower your blood pressure, improve diabetes symptoms, aid your digestive system and fighting cancer. It’s an adaptogenic herb that helps the body to fight off stress and disease. Plus, these veggies pack an array of nutrients that your body craves during recovery, such as vitamin C and B vitamins (28). It can also be consumed to lower blood pressure levels, fight infections and help to reverse hair loss. (12), Black currant is a small shrub that belongs to the gooseberry family of plants. (73), Pine bark comes from the inner bark of the Pinus Pinaster tree and an extract is commonly used to make capsules, tablets, creams and lotions. (22), Chamomile plants are used to improve several health conditions, including allergies, insomnia, anxiety, depression, arthritis and gastrointestinal disorders. Fresh and uncooked tarragon leaves can be used in cooking and tarragon essential oil is used to aid digestion and spark appetite. — are rich in antioxidants known to combat cancer, including vitamin C and beta … You can use horny goat weed to improve your libido, boost your circulation, regulate your cortisol levels, prevent bone loss, increase lean muscle mass and treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness.
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