Do hormones cause cancer, heart attack and stroke?

Bio identical hormones are identical to the hormones that our bodies had when we were younger, healthier, stronger and better looking. If you get prescribed the most popular drugs out there Premarin and Provera the answer is yes, this is why conventionally trained practitioners tell patients only to use them for 5 years while the hot flashes resolved. All causes of death, including cancer, go up as our bioidentical hormone levels go down.

For men, if I start taking testosterone will my natural production go down?

If you stop supplementing testosterone, it takes 3 weeks to go back to the level that you started at.

Is my metabolism low?

Men need to have optimal testosterone, thyroid and vitamin D to have the metabolism of a 20 year old.  Women need to have estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and vitamin D at optimal levels in order to have the metabolism of a 20 year old.

Can depression, anxiety and stress be treated naturally?

If a person did not require antibiotics, anti-anxiety, or sleep medicines in their 20s, once their hormones get balanced and placed in the optimal range their bodies will produce the psychological hormones naturally.

If couples are having trouble with their relationship, should both get their hormones balanced?

It most often saves their relationship.  This is because men are not irritable, short tempered and fatigued and women are much calmer for the same reasons.

Can you fix headaches or migraines?

The majority of headache sufferers are women which is due to a lack of hormone balance, even in women as young as their 20s.

What causes aging?

Every year the telomeres which are the tips of our DNA get shorter due to age, smoking, chronic diseases like diabetes, etc…  There are two ways to slow down this aging process. The major way is hormones, followed by proper nutrition.

Do we take insurance?

Although we do not take insurance many of our PPO patients get reimbursed when they send our bills to their insurance, depending on their insurance plan.  We currently do not bill insurance however we are happy to help our patients with billing their own insurance.

Are there any side effects associated with hormone replacement therapy?

When bio identical hormones and other treatments are administered correctly—and correctly is the only way we do things—there should be no side effects.