Getting you to your body’s ideal weight

Lose abnormal fat with a strategy designed for you.

Woman going through menopause who is losing weight from taking natural hormones.

Understanding You

We focus on the three key areas that need to be addressed to achieve your optimal weight and lose fat.

Alevizos Medical’s weight loss graph for someone going through menopause.

Results that Work

Depending on your weight loss goals, we provide advanced strategies to attack any stubborn, abnormal fat that’s hard to get rid of.

HCG Diet
A 40-day proven method to lose fat using small doses of the women’s pregancy hormone. Recommended if your weight loss goal is 30-45 lbs.

A safe appetite suppressant taken 1-2 times a day. Recommended if your weight loss goal is 10-30 lbs.

How it Works

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Step 1

Assess + Identify
Set up a consultation with us to discuss your body weight goals and uncover medical and environmental factors that could be causing weight gain.

bioidentical hormone replacement therapy strategy chart.

Step 2

Receive a Strategy
We’ll recommend a specific plan designed to help you reach your ideal body weight.

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Step 3

Monitor for Success
Achieve long-term success by checking in with us to track your overall health as your body starts to remove abnormal fat.

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